Men's Health                      
Iraklii Buziashvili, MD PhD

As the recent research shows, sexual and reproductive health is an indicator of overall man’s health. Dr. Buziashvili has a longstanding interest in andrology, the study of the male sexual and reproductive health and dysfunction. He is an active member of the American

Society of Andrology and the International Society of Sexual Medicine.

In the office the doctor performs complete evaluation and nonsurgical treatment of:

Sexual dysfunction – disorders of libido, erection, ejaculation and


Low testosterone (male hypogonadism), caused by testicular,

pituitary or systemic disorders;

Male infertility – as a result of testicular failure, pituitary disease or

systemic illness.

Dr. Buziashvili uses the whole spectrum of diagnostic modalities in evaluation of men’s health including blood and semen analysis and genital ultrasound, as well as all available treatment options to help

men regain their sexual and reproductive health.

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